Why Ayurveda is Called a Natural Healer?

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August 8, 2017
What is Ayurveda Science and How it Helps to Heal Us?
September 7, 2017

Ayurveda science is a holistic approach for healing. Unlike the modern medicine Ayurveda treats the individuals instead of symptoms. It deals with the mind and body of the individual. As per Ayurveda, mind is more powerful than body. It originated in India from 30000 years ago.

The Five elements or Panchabhuta

As per Ayurveda science human being are constituted of five natural elements known as “panchabhuta”. These are – Earth (bhumi), Ether (Akash), Water (Jal), Fire (Agni), AIR (Vayu). we all have a unique balance of these elements where one or more than one element dominates. Have a close view about these five components. It will help you to understand the “Dosha” and their imbalance in human body.

  1. Earth

Sense – Smell
Organs- nose
Quality- stability

  1. ETHER

Sense – hearing
Organs- Ears
Quality- Sound

  1. WATER

Sense – Taste
Organs- Tongue
Quality- Transparent

  1. FIRE

Sense – Vision
Organs- Eyes
Quality- Active, Sharpe

  1. AIR

Sense – Touch
Organs- Skin
Quality- Mobile in nature, Swift

The Three Humours or tridosha

These five elements stay and interact with each other in the form of Tri-Dosha or Three-Humours. According to Ayurveda science Human are categorized into three dosha or three humours – Vata, Pitta Khapha. Vata is compounded of Air and Ether, Pitta is of only Fire and Kapha is made of Earth and Air. We are made of these three doshas. One or more than one dosha is dominant in our nature. It happens to everyone. Our emotional and physical challenges occur due the imbalance of these three doshas. Ayurveda says all the disease and malfunction of organs happen due to the disbalance of Tri-dosha. In ancient Tibet, there was a tradition of diagnosis any disease. They examined the first urine after wake-up. If the urine looks yellowish, then the person belong to Pitta dosha; if it seems transparent, the person has vata dosha; if it contains bubble, the person has kapha dosha. On the basis of the dosha their treatment is provided. For an instance, a person of pitta dosha is suggested to take coolest herbs like triphala, shatavari to pacify the fire element in the body. Ayurveda recommends to intake opposite because it nullifies the over-effect of any element.

The therapy of Panchakarma

This is a type of Ayurvedic therapy. This is taken place through five (Pancha) process (Karma) : Oiling, Puging, vomiting, enema and bleeding. These all are natural process of detoxification. Oiling is also for detoxification of toxins. A herbal mixture like triphala are also given to drink during Panchakarma therapy. This detoxifies the body as well as nourishes. Bleeding is also a part of this treatment. This process is done by the help of Leeches. They soak the pungent blood from a particular area and the patient will not feel the pain of bleeding.

The important herbs used in ayurvedic medication or Sneha-kalpa

  • Aswagandha
  • Shatavari
  • triphala

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