Symptoms of Piles in Female and How to Cure Treatment in Ayurveda

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November 7, 2017
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Piles or hemorrhoids is a common disease that can occur in both men and women. Unhealthy food habits, purposely delaying the urge of excretion or intake of fewer liquids might lead to hemorrhoids. But in case of women, besides the causes mentioned, it can be found because of pregnancy, giving natural birth or even anal sex.

To ensure if any woman is suffering from Piles, she should look for symptoms like:

  1. Itching in the anal opening
  2. Tender lumps around the anus
  3. Leakage of fecal matters
  4. Appearance or flow of blood through, before or after excretion.
  5. Constipation or difficulty to excrete.

Since age-old times, people have relied on ayurvedic medicine for piles to relieve themselves. As Ayurveda believes that piles occur due to the imbalance of the three ‘doshas’, special attention is paid to the diet and lifestyle of the patients.

The diet for the patient suffering from piles must include leafy vegetables, plenty of fruits, healthy oils and fats like olive oil, mustard oil, almonds, walnuts, etc. While avoiding unhealthy foods like deep fried, junk food, red meats, thebulk of cheese and processed foods is highly suggested. Smooth products like yogurt or buttermilk are supposed to be good while extra spicy food especially the use of red chili powder must be dropped completely.

Certain changes in the lifestyle of the patient like engaging in brisk walking or light exercises, drinking plenty of water, avoiding caffeine and practicing yoga are also beneficial for treating piles.

The following home treatment of piles can be utilized for effective results:

  1. Make a paste with long pepper, turmeric, and milk and apply to external hemorrhoids.
  2. Consumption of two tablespoons of powder of dried mango seed along with honey twice a day eases the pain of piles.
  3. Application of witch hazel in the inflamed area helps it to shrink.
  4. Having lemon juice with ginger and honey soothes the pain of piles.
  5. Juice of turnip leaves is extremely helpful in treating piles.
  6. Soak three to four figs in water for overnight and have these twice a day.
  7. Sitz bath with Triphala powder is extremely beneficial to get relief from the itchiness of piles.

For extreme piles, it is highly advisable to visit an Ayurvedic practitioner or resort to the hemorrhoids treatment package provided by Balaji Ayurveda. The package includes Arsh-Har capsule and Arsh-Har ointment. Both the capsule and ointment for Piles are highly effective in reducing itchiness and pain caused due to Piles.

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