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April 24, 2017
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May 22, 2017

Balaji Arsh Har

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Feel the difference from the first day of using this product . Arsh-har is an effective ayurvedic product that removes bleeding, itching and lumps and pain. It gives you instant relief cure from piles naturally, without any side effects. Features of Arsh–Har Get rid of your pain, itching and burning like never before. It completely stops bleeding. Lumps start getting shrink and vanish completely.



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10 Capsule, 20 Capsule, 60 Capsule

Suggested Use

Suggested Use

Take 2 Arsh – Har Capsule before breakfast & 2 Capsule at bed time for 5 days. To be used under medical supervision or as directed by physician only. Indications Inflamed Piles and Fissures, Relieves Pain and itching



Ext. Limbodi Powder 110mg
Ext. Indrajav Powder 80mg
Ext. Rasvanti Powder 120mg.
Ext. Pittapapdo Powder 50mg
Ext. Aritha Bhasma 60mg
Kapoor 10mg
Excipients Q.S.
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