How Does Ayurveda Help to Cure your Piles Problem

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July 19, 2017
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August 16, 2017

What is ‘piles’?

‘Piles’ is known as “arsha” in Ayurvedic treatment. The fourteenth chapter of Chakra Samhita Chikitsa demonstrates the types & signs of ‘Arsha’ or piles and tells about the method of curing. Literal meaning of this Sanskrit word “Arsha” is enemy. As this disease causes discomfort and irritation in anal area, it becomes the enemy of life or “Arivat prana hanti”. According to Ayurveda anal tube is associated with three major veins – Samvarni, Visarjani and prabahani. They helps are in smooth movement of bowel as they are vascular. These veins are very delicate and sensitive. As a result, when these veins swell up during the time of bowel or pressure in anal area, cause bleeding and discomfort.

What are the symptoms?

There are two kinds of piles. One is internal, another is external. The patient of internal piles may not realize that they have piles, often they have bleeding during the time of stool passing. People who have internal piles feel the discomfort and strains in the anal area during stool passing and bleed. If it increases day by day, it creates discharges of mucus which causes itching sensation in anus. A large pile causes pain in anus. The patient of this disease feel a lump in back passage and having not clear bowel.

Why does this occur?

A chronic Constipation leads to the ultimate disease – piles. In constipation, often the straining action during evacuation of bowels causes piles. Apart from this, the enlargement of uterus in the time of pregnancy also chances piles. The sedentary lifestyle, irregular eating habit, eating of spicy food, over eating, lack of sleep, lack of digestion, suppression of natural urge of the body (like pooping, urinate), overindulgence in rigorous sex causes this disease. One of the root cause of piles is lack of fibre in diets. Sometime genetic constitution is also laid behind this disease.

How to cure piles with Ayurveda treatment?

As per the Ayurveda science this is part of the imbalance of three dosha, mainly vata dosha (Air). Agravated pitta dosha (fire) generates digestion problem which creates impairment in digestive fire (jattharagni). It leads to the accumulation of toxins in digestive gut. It causes aggravation of vata (air). Vata causes swelling of hemorrhoids during bowel which is known as “Rasktarsh”.

Now we will discuss about the natural herbs and medicines which cure Ayurveda:

  1. Nagkeshar
    This herb cures bleeding problem in the first stage of piles. A patient must need a full tablespoon in three serving a day.
  2. Haritaki
    Haritaki also removes booth type of piles.
  3. Seasame oil
    For external dry pile this oil is helpful in applying on buttocks along with sitting in warm water in a tub.
  4. Fig
    Eating of 3-4 figs a day is good for piles.
  5. Turnip
    This is a root crop. The juice of turnip leaves is helpful in this disease.

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