The Body matrix life as in Ayurveda is conceived as the union of body, senses, mind and soul. Balaji endeavors its contribution for happier and healthier civilization. All the symptoms of diseases result through imbalance in the doshas (flaws in body), various undue food habits and pessimism.

Chairman’s Message

“As a proud Herbal Citizen, I am always thankful to our stake-holders, Business Associates, Production Partners and my colleagues & employees, who entrust this infinite cause. Moreover, our beloved consumers who always take efforts to give happy feedbacks across the country at our customer care, which always makes my day and lets me initiate for new additions of tasks to the BAS’s milestones.The company has attained prominence as a leader in ayurvedic and herbal products with its highest quality standards.
Its our vision to make Balaji Ayurved Sansthan, a trusted brand name in the field of providing herbal solution for the entire family.As we look to the years ahead we renew our pledge to remain committed to excellence, providing better Quality standards and becoming a force in affordable, niche healthcare solution. With our customers help and support we are confident that ‘Balaji’ definately will continue to make a history in the field of ayurveda”.


Mission & Vision Statement

Mission : Balaji Ayurved Sansthan efforts to mark a niche of Indian Ayurveda Therapy across Asia.
Vision : Envisaging to heal the mankind with Ayurvedic products only and to spread the authenticity of Herbs.

Ayurveda & You

Suśruta Saṃhitā and the Charaka Saṃhitā are what known as “Ayurvedã” today. The most traditional medicine born in India and has been adopted by several countries. Ayurveda has historically taken the approach of enumerating bodily substances in the framework of the five classical elements (Sanskrit panchabhuta viz. earth), (water, fire, (air and aether), considering the seven “tissues” dhātu (Devanāgarī: saptadhatu of plasma (rasa dhātu), blood (rakta dhātu), flesh (māṃsa dhātu), adipose (medha dhātu), bone (asthi dhātu), marrow (majja dhātu), and reproductive (śukra dhātu). It’s said that Ayurveda is a sync of Medicine and religion to cure the human body. Ayurveda is all about long live which includes hygiene, curing and behaving well with every human beings. The therapy has been prolonged since 4th century till today is just because of its reliable and effective treatment.

Modern Life with Ayurveda

80% of people use Ayurveda therapy directly or indirectly for treatment or body care. The Ayurveda therapy has been rising and getting synchronized in human life at a considerable aspect. The other non-ayurvedic treatments might be faster and effective immediately. However, such treatments cure temporary pains or heal it for time-being satisfaction; internally it yet damages the body. As body is made of nature and is not habituated for such treatments. Like our body depreciates and cannot accept the air pollution, unhygienic foods, surroundings, chemicals and various other anti-factors. So it goes for treatment also. It’s proven, if one balances its life-style and adopts the Ayurvedic medicines, the long and healthy life is for sure due to it. Balaji Ayurved Sansthan does its well-being by its “Ayur-Kranti” ahead for the revolution of ayurved in modern life