5 Tips to Help You to Stay Healthy and Younger Ever

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September 12, 2017
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Who doesn’t want to stay young forever? Humans have always been running to find the elixir of life to keep themselves young for lifelong. Witches have been also known to perform various rituals and prepare magic potions to defy age.

Don’t worry, to lead a youthful life, you do not have to brace yourself with a cauldron and ladle to prepare an anti-aging potion like the witches, or set forward on an expedition to find the elixir of life. Why take trouble or travel far when you can get an extended youth by making minor changes in your life?

At Balaji Ayurveda, we believe that the best way to lead a healthy life is to go all natural. So, we bring to you small steps that can be followed to retain youngness for a prolonged period:

  1. Take some time off: Keeping up with the fast-moving world is a stressful job. It is due this that our body becomes over-tired and releases stress hormones like Cortisol that increases sugar level in your blood and eventually advances the aging process. Besides activity our body needs relaxation too. To calm your mind, try meditation, go for some stretching exercises or listen to your favorite music. Even sex helps the release of happy hormones like oxytocin that relives you of tiredness.
  2. Make your brain work: Research has proved that keeping your brain active opens the door to a youthful life. Challenge your brain by trying some new activities, read a book, solve puzzles like Sudoku or Word-cross, learn a new language and much more.
  3. Detox: Drink warm water with lemon and honey in an empty stomach to clean the toxins of your body. You can also alternate it with apple cider vinegar or even try green tea to detox your body.
  4. Exercise: Physical activities have endless benefits. Indulging in themmakes you lose fat, tightens your muscle, thus making you look fit and young. To utilize the benefit of exercising fully, you can set short term goals like hours of exercising or losing certain number of calories; achieving these goals will lead to the release of happy hormones like dopamine which again helps to reduce stress.
  5. Control what you eat: To stay young not only you have to control what you eat but also the amount of the food intake. Do not over feed yourself, this will increase unnecessary calorie intake and make your body work harder. To stay healthy and look young you must make some food choices. Chose fruits and vegetables over pork or beef. Go for granola bars or oat bars instead of chocolates. Sip on yogurts or frozen fruit smoothie instead of carbonated drink. Include healthy fats like walnut, seeds and tuna in your diet, the omega3 fatty acids in them will make your skin glow.

We are humans and to complete the circle of life we must embrace old-age at certain point. But, if aging is inevitable, then why not chose to age gracefully? “Age is just a number” goes an old saying, and yes, it is. Age is just what we feel from within. So, go ahead include these 5 easy steps in your daily regime to keep yourself active, healthy and glowing always!

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